Bianco Riccio

Pet Hotel

Don't give up a holiday with your pets
We are a Pet Hotel.

(Available from June 2022)

If your family is not only made up of people, but also of "furry ones",
you know how important it is to find a hotel that loves animals like you and in which they receive the same treatment as any other member of the family!
Our hotel allows small and medium-sized pets!

Here at the Bianco Riccio Hotel we are all animal lovers and for this reason we know very well the needs and requirements of those who travel with dogs, cats,
but also hamsters, rabbits, tortoises and any other special friends.

Here you will find everything you need, because here, in addition to suitable spaces for him to refresh and play,
ou will also find bowls of water always full, snacks, games and a person dedicated to their well-being with grooming adjacent to the hotel.
The property is located in the basement of the building, including all the services for small and medium-sized pets
with kennels dedicated mainly to them.

NB: Pets not allowed in the common areas and in the swimming pool.